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Getting A General Car Insurance For Your Car

General car insurance can be described as insurance policy which covers the car as a complete entity – that is, both the car and its occupants. It also covers other people (third parties) who may not be occupants in the car, but who may suffer injury, or whose property may be damaged, in any sort of a mishap involving the insured car. We now venture to answer some frequently asked questions about general car insurance. These are, in other words, the things that (generally speaking), a person conducting a search on ‘general car insurance’ is likely to be interested in knowing.

Is general car insurance mandatory?

In most places, the only mandatory car insurance coverage is that which caters for ‘others’ who may suffer bodily injury or whose properties may be damaged in case of some sort of a mishap involving the insured car. That is referred to as third party coverage. Beyond that, in most places, the car owners get a leeway in making decisions on extra levels of coverage that they need. A person may, for instance, decide that beyond the minimum coverage required by the law, he or she will go ahead to buy coverage for the car, to get benefits in case the car gets damaged in an accident. This can be extended, to include coverage against theft, fire and other disasters. It is also generally considered wise to have coverage against bodily injury (for the driver and other occupants in the car), even in jurisdictions where this is not mandatory – that is, even in jurisdictions where only third party coverage is mandatory.

Where can general car insurance be bought?

There are insurers who specialize in the provision of general car insurance policies. You just need to identify one such insurer, and proceed to buy a policy from them. Many of the car insurance providers nowadays have web-based portals, where you can get quotes from them –and even proceed to buy policies (by paying the required premiums) online.

How much doe general car insurance cost?

The cost of general car insurance varies considerably: to such an extent that we can’t give a figure. What we can say is that the cost depends on things like the exact level of coverage preferred by the car owner, the car owners’ driving record, the car owner’s demographic/personal details and the pricing structure of the insurance company involved. Thus, a person who has a bad driving record will, for instance, tend to end up spending more on general car insurance than a person with a clean driving record. Similarly, we have people who are in demographic groups that are generally considered to be made up of good drivers (for instance on account of age or gender). Those may be sold car insurance at a cost that is lower than that which is available to folks who are considered to be risky drivers on account of their personal details like age and gender. All in all, general car insurance doesn’t cost too much – and buying it is a better bet than having to deal directly with the costs/liabilities in case of a mishap.

www.thegeneral.com – Get Free Auto Insurance Quote Online at the General

www.thegeneral.com is the address of The General car Insurance website’s homepage where, among other things, you can get free auto insurance quotes, information on general car insurance and so on.

The structure of www.thegeneral.com

The first thing you notice about the homepage at www.thegeneral.com is that it is rather elegant – in the sense that it is not cluttered. At the top left corner, there is some sort of a text-based logo, showing you that you are indeed on The General Insurance website. On the top right corner is a graphic that, presumably, is the company’s trade mark. There are two menus at the top. The first one has links to the news page, the claims page, the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page and the search page. The lower menu (but still at the top) has links you can click onto if you want to get a quote, access information about ‘The General’ or access auto insurance information.

The middle part of the homepage at www.thegeneral.com is occupied by functionality for generating auto insurance quotes. That is where you need to select (from a drop down list) the type of insurance you are interested in having a quote generated for, then enter your zip code, and then click on the ‘go’ button to trigger the quote generation process.

Further down, there is a box with information on the number of quotes The General has generated for clients, a box with customer testimonials and a place where you can watch the ever-interesting commercials from The General.

Specific things you can do at www.thegeneral.com

The most important thing that you can do at www.thegeneral.com is, of course, generating an auto insurance quote (which should then help you in the auto insurance purchase process). This is something you can right on the homepage by specifying where you are (in terms of a zip code), and the type of auto insurance you have an active interest in.

Over and above that, you can watch The General commercials, access information on The General (as a company) and check out for The General jobs/careers (as there is an ‘employment’ link towards the bottom of the homepage). This is also a site where you can research (in terms of general research) to learn more about auto insurance.

People who are likely to find www.thegeneral.com useful

There are many groups of people who are likely to view the General Car Insurance website as a useful resource including:

  • Folks keen on buying auto insurance (who can easily generate quotes on this site)
  • Folks keen on understanding the workings of auto insurance (general car insurance) and other types of insurance.
  • Folks keen on getting into the insurance business as, say, agents.
  • Folks looking for jobs with The General Insurance Company.

www.allstate.com – Allstate Auto Insurance Quotes

www.allstate.com is one of the most popular websites for people looking to get general car insurance quotes. But this is a richer site, offering more than just auto insurance quotes (as we will be seeing shortly).

Types of insurance available at www.allstate.com

Some of the major types of insurance available from Allstate at their website include:

  • Auto insurance: this, as we mentioned earlier, is the type of insurance for which Allstate is most popular for, with majority of the people who visit the website at www.allstate.com probably being folks looking for general car insurance quotes.
  • Property insurance: here, we are looking at homeowners insurance. But there is also renters insurance, landlord property insurance, business insurance and so much more.
  • Life insurance: you can find information about this at www.allstate.com under the ‘life/retirement’ main menu item. That is also where you find information on other products like annuities, supplemental life insurance, savings for retirement and so on.

www.allstate.com language options

www.allstate.com is available in either English or Spanish. To access it in Spanish, you click on the ‘Espanol’ link which is one of the items in the menu right at the top of the homepage (next to the search box).

www.allstate.com usage options

There are two states in which you can use the Allstate insurance website at www.allstate.com, namely:

  • The ‘guest/non-logged in’ state: the Allstate insurance website is unique in that most of the functionality in it can be accessed even if you are not logged in.
  • The logged in state: if you are logged in, you can do more with the website at www.allstate.com like, for instance, saving an auto insurance quote once you manage to generate it.

Generating a quote at www.allstate.com

The first step in generating a quote on the Allstate insurance website at www.allstate.com is, of course, that of loading the homepage (by, say, entering the website’s address into your browser).

Once the homepage is loaded, you need to look towards the center of it, where you’ll see a box labeled ‘get a quote.’ That is where you should focus your attention on, and proceed to select the type of insurance quote you need, and then enter your zip code. The final step is that of clicking on the button with a forward arrow sign, and the (almost instantaneous) quote generation process will kickoff.

Managing claims at www.allstate.com

At Allstate website, you can report a claim or track a claim. You can also access information about the process of lodging claims with Allstate from the resources available on the website.